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Even when I’m at work, I still like to cook! Cheese Burger on whole wheat bun (Could of done without the chips, but I felt like it … SUE ME) (at Kaiser Permanente Independence Park Office)

350LBS-220LBS … I am not a fitness guru, health expert, trainer, or body builder… I was just an overweight (Obese) guy who had enough and decided to challenge myself … I am NOT done and I won’t stop … My transformation came from better eating, fitness dedication and a POSITIVE mind set … I welcome ANYONE to join me on this never ending road! Oh, and Happy #ThrowBackThursday Me in Sydney Australia at the Sydney Opera House! G’day Mate! #MASFIRMETHURSDAYS Love and respect to my fitness coaches who educate and motivate me Cc: @RileysFitness @Markapacheco @Adrianocampo (at Motivation Zone)

#MASFIRMETHURSDAYS Continue… Good Hikes with good people … See my headband? These hikes are getting serious … I welcome ANYONE to join me on this journey to fitness … Look at my dog on the bottom right … See his face?? That’s a FIRME face … Where’s YOUR FIRME face at? My team is Fierce … Every Thursday … Holla at cho boy! (at Eaton Canyon Hiking Trail)

(All home made): Buttermilk Biscuits, Strawberry Jam and Peanut Butter. Eating healthy doesn’t ALWAYS mean you have to eat rabbit food(Salad, though it is very good for you). It just means making better choices, and staying away from ultra processed foods. Be adventurous in the kitchen and create your own version of “Simple” favorite dishes… All this took less than 40 minutes to make! It was also VERY inexpensive! Feel free to contact me for ingredients! #BakeLife #Healthy #HomeMade (at Amado’s Kitchen)

Happy Monday Everyone! Craving a burger without the guilt? Lean Turkey Burgers wrapped with Fresh Romaine Lettuce topped with Creamy Sriracha sauce and added Pretzel crisps for that CRUNCH! Total cost was $8 Dollars to make 8 Burgers! ($8 Alone buys you some bad junk food, and you only get ONE). Eat Healthy, Be happy and save money! #HappyMonday

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